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Ballet Dancers


HOW TO ENROLL: Please click the link below and follow the instructions.

  1. First, CLICK HERE. A new page will open. Please reference back to this page for the step-by-step instructions listed below.

  2. In the new page, scroll down and click "create account" (if you already have an account, please simply log in and skip to step #7)

  3. Enter your personal information

  4. Click "add a student" (UNLESS you are registering yourself, then click "I take classes" instead)

  5. Enter student info

  6. Click "save account and login"

  7. Once logged in, hover over "register" in the top menu bar until the drop-down menu appears, then click "classes" -- or simply click "register" in the side bar.

  8. Choose the season you are registering for ("Summer 2024" or "2024-2025 School Year").

  9. Click the box next to your desired class(es) and hit "submit."

  10. You're now registered for classes!

  11. How to Pay? You may pay online via your parent portal after creating an account (online payments are charged a small convenience fee*) or in-person. In-person payments will be accepted at our Open House and during the regular school year class times.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the classes your student's age qualifies him/her for will show up on the registration page. If you are interested in a class outside of the age range, please contact us to be considered for an exception (but please remember, exceptions are only given in very specific circumstances where the director feels the student would benefit more from a class outside the recommended age range. Thank you!)

*Convenience Fees are 3.05% + 0.30¢ for credit cards and 1% + 0.20¢ for ACH payments.

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