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Young Dancers in Ballet Class

Classes that fail to meet the minimum number of students may be canceled or combined with another class.

Class Descriptions


The elegant art of ballet dance originated in the country of Italy, but was developed in the royal court of France. Training in this  style begins with our tiniest dancers at the age of 3 and continues throughout a lifetime due to its highly leveled nature of complexity and the skills needed to master the art. Known for its use of grace, poise, flexibility, and strength disguised with beauty, ballet is a beloved dance style all over the world!

Worship & International

In this exciting and fun-filled dance class, students will be instructed in folk dances from around the world with a primary focus on Israeli folk dancing, which is a combination of many national folk dance styles. Additionally, we will use similar steps and footwork--along with some added props and a unique, artistic style--to learn choreography to modern Christian Worship Music.  Students of this class will learn multiple dances each semester, and will perform 2-4 dances in the spring recital. Come join us for a wonderful time together as we learn how to use the gift of dance to honor and worship our Savior!


Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet and jazz, which creates a beautiful fusion of powerful movements tempered with the grace of ballet. This is a highly expressive dance style usually performed to music with lyrics (hence the term "lyrical") that is both bold and beautiful, and one of the favorites among many young dancers due to its freedom of movement. Because the warm-ups and across the floor combinations in class are highly jazz-influenced, a ballet class is strongly encouraged in order to ensure that all dancers receive the proper training in a classical dance form that will enhance their technique, strength and flexibility. We would love to have you join us!

Pre-Pointe & Pointe Technique

Our Pre-pointe and Pointe Technique class is for our students who have already mastered the basics of ballet and are moving forward with more advanced technique. Students must be approved to attend this class by the director and a co-requisite of a ballet class is required.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Pre-Pointe does not guarantee an admission to pointe. Admission to pointe is based solely upon demonstration of proper preparation. Pre-pointe is focused on training the proper muscles for pointe. One of the most important factors for admission to pointe is development of foot/ankle strength. Dancers grow and mature at different rates and have different foot and bone structures. Pre-pointe provides professional and specific exercises to maximize likelihood of admission to pointe. Pointe is the most difficult and serious of all of the dance forms offered at Sanctuary Dance Academy and dancers must be evaluated before receiving their pointe shoes.

Performance Team

The performance team is a wonderful opportunity to use dance to reach others with the love of God! As a performance company, students will be instructed in dance choreography from the beginning of the semester, with an extra emphasis on stage presence and presentation. Each class will also include a short devotional. While this is not a ballet technique class, strength, flexibility, and strong technique will be emphasized and students will see their abilities as a dancer continue to advance as they take part in the group!
-Students must be invited to audition for the performance company.
-Students MUST take at least one ballet class in addition to company. Taking additional styles of dance are also preferred and highly recommended -- this may become a requirement in future dance years.
-Students must be committed to class. Three or more absences in a semester may mean they have a smaller part in the choreography or may be taken out of a dance altogether, if their attendance is too low.
-Students must commit to taking part in performances. At least one performance per semester will be scheduled, with additional performances possible as well.

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